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The increasing use and popularity of the internet in our daily lives has led to the continuous and rapid development of new technologies and business models, which often find important applications in commerce, science, and business.


Our team is always on top of technological developments and possesses the scientific background to provide legal advice, services and support in relation to the use of these new technologies and models. 


Our lawyers have successfully participated in a number of technological projects, and have experience in providing legal support of companies and organizations both during the development/research stage of new technological tools - either at the software or hardware level - and during the integration stage of innovative technologies into new products and/or services.


Indicative list of services we provide:

  • Drafting of legal opinions on the legal implications of the use of a new technologies on a specific product/service/research/business model.
  • Day to Day legal support services during the development of new technologies, software, and hardware or during the integration of new technologies into products and services. Thorough review of issues as they arise and provision solutions to a variety of issues, such as:

- Intellectual property protection issues (trademarks, patents, copyrights)

- Personal data protection issues

- Ethics related issues

- Issues related to the validity of certain transactions through the use of new technologies

- Contractual issues

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- Conducting Algorithmic Impact Assessments (AIA)

- Provision of legal advice on AI Ethics issues

- Day to Day legal support and helpdesk services during the development and use of new AI and machine learning systems

- Drafting of legal opinions and recommendations on specialized issues

  • Provision of legal compliance services for digital transformation projects
  • Drafting recommendations and providing legal guidance on issues related to the use of DLT/blockchain technologies, and smart contracts
  • Digital Services Act Compliance
          - Developing custom DSA compliance plans, according to the size and needs of each business/service.
          - Drafting Platform Compliance Assessments and Gap Analysis
          - Provision of day-to-day compliance support services to platforms of all sizes
          - Drafting and amendments of policies, procedures, and Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) to achieve DSA compliance

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The office maintains a wide network of lawyers as well as specialized professionals (engineers, notaries, accountants) throughout Greece so as to quickly serve the needs of our clientele.


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