We establish together the foundations of our common success

The high scientific training and experience of our lawyers, guarantee the provision of secure and innovative solutions.

Specialized services and solutions

The common features of all our collaborations are longevity,
respect and mutual trust.

Since 1962 we offer legal advise & solutions

The members of our team are recognized for providing high-quality and reliable, litigative and consulting, legal services. It also provides solutions tailored to the challenges, specificities and requirements of each case.

Our aim is to provide our clients with comprehensive and holistic services which cover all aspects of our clients lives and businesses. The members of our team are recognized for providing high quality legal services with speed and consistency, and giving solutions, both on a litigation and on a consulting level, which are adapted to the challenges, peculiarities and needs of each case that we handle. The high level of scientific and professional expertise of our lawyers guarantees that we can provide firm and novel solutions to any legal issue that our clients might be facing.
Our work is defined by a combination of traditional values, like professionalism, quality, politeness, and trust, and modern elements that are required for the provision of legal services in the 21st century, like teamwork, risk assessment, long-term strategy, understanding the impact and functioning of new technologies, speed, and efficiency.
Our clientele is comprised of national and international firms, start-up businesses, public bodies, NGOs, and individual clients. We strive to ensure that all our co-operations with our clients/partners are characterized by longevity, respect and mutual trust, which reflects the quality of our work and the attention we provide to each and every client.

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The office maintains a wide network of lawyers as well as specialized professionals (engineers, notaries, accountants) throughout Greece so as to quickly serve the needs of our clientele.


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