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Tax Law

Tax Law constitutes a big part of the Greek daily legal practice. The constant changes in the relevant tax legislation requires constant and up to…

Land Law & Land Registry

In Skopa, Zanganas & associates we offer legal services related to any issue concerning Land Law and immovable property.

Administrative Law- Disputes between the State and individual citizens.

Any dispute, between the State or the Administrative Authorities (ministries, public bodies and organisations, local government) and the citizents, can be solved with precise and…

Environmental Law- Forestry Disputes

The characterisation of a land tile as a forest, forestable, rural or urban area in combination with the constant balancing between environmental stability and property…

Family Law

Inter-family relationships are comprised of a number of behaviours relating to both the relationship between spouses as well as the relationship between parents and their…

Contract Law

Our office offers legal services in cases involving any kind of contract or agreement. (sales contracts, leasing agreements, loan contracts, guarantee agreements, agency contracts etc.)

Inheritance Law

Our office provides legal services in cases of Inheritance Law. More specifically, we handle the relevant procedures for the publication and the recognition of a…


Copyright law provides exclusive rights to the creators of an original work.

Enforcement Law

Enforcement Law refers to the procedures that follow a Judicial Decision or Court Order and ensure their enforcement by the parties. Such procedures include confiscation,…

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The office maintains a wide network of lawyers as well as specialized professionals (engineers, notaries, accountants) throughout Greece so as to quickly serve the needs of our clientele.


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